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A unique strategy is just where we start.
It's our execution that sets us apart.


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The capabilities and disciplines we use to bring your products and services to life:

– market intelligence and planning
– sales & business-building initiatives
– marketing communications/public relations
– image refocusing/brand reengineering
– website design and optimization
– distinctive design, concepts and copywriting
– exclusive access to industry connections, distribution channels (e.g., food, drug, private label, mass-market, on-air, online)
– accelerated implementation
– best-practices, speed-to-value approach, cost-reduction techniques

Outperforming the competition…Do you have a choice?

It helps to have the support of seasoned business development pros with the entrepreneurial agility, creativity and experience to help you confront the challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive markets.
  • Transform a new product idea or business concept into reality.
  • Carve out a new market for existing product lines or service platforms.
  • Invigorate an established product, service or brand.
  • Help develop a new business and create the necessary programs to establish credibility
  • Create opportunities that support the opening of new distribution channels.
  • SDNY is a full-service business development, marketing and design firm that offers an integrated array of strategic resources, creative talents and sales tools to quickly and efficiently transition products into a competitive marketplace. Venturing beyond traditional marketing and advertising practices, SDNY espouses a new model of service and support that focuses on your individual needs throughout the product marketing lifecycle.

    Our scope of work ranges from ground-floor concepts, prototyping and launching of new products to strategic advice on product viability, manufacturing options, product testing and profiling, marketability, pricing, naming, packaging, expanding and/or establishing distribution channels, written and graphic message development, image-building, logotyping, branding and ongoing ROI monitoring. We also provide access to our established connections into national distribution channels in food, drug and mass, online and on air, as well as networks of valuable industry connections.

    Our ultimate goal is to move minds, generate sales, increase profitability, arouse positive market perceptions and deliver quantifiable results in the form of new business, expanded markets and higher profitability.

    Whether you’re a small start-up or a business powerhouse, we make it our business to increase your business. We aim to build and sustain close, collaborative working relationships based on mutual respect, integrity and understanding. Working from this solid foundation, we will quickly and efficiently conceive and implement well-targeted business-building strategies and sales development solutions.

    With the strategic thinking, market planning and sales techniques in place (and under constant review), we proceed to craft the compelling and distinctive ”story” & “look” that will identify you, your products, your company and your values. With an overall strategy as the blueprint, it’s the creative work that will capture the attention of the marketplace and compel a response.